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[Qutecsound-users] 0.8.3 hang on startup

Andrew Yancy

I'm trying to get CsoundQT 0.8.3 to run on 32 bit Windows XP.  Csound itself and everything else about the installation seems fine, the only exception being that CsoundQT always hangs on startup at the splash logo and never recovers.  This happens with the older versions of CsoundQT, after multiple uninstalls/reinstalls, and even in Windows safe mode. 

Any hints on how I can start to figure this out?  I don't see any mention anywhere of what the hardware or software prerequisites are for CsoundQT e.g., Java version, Python version, etc.  Could that be the problem?  This is an older machine but I've never had problems with QT programs like this before.  Thanks for any help.


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