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[Qutecsound-users] Beta Release 0.6.0

Andres Cabrera
Hi all,

A beta release binary is up, which you may (or may not... =) ) want to try.


This release will be very significant, as it introduces a new xml
widget format, which already enables some important features like
preset save/load.
The internal changes have been huge, so any feedback is greatly
appreciated, particularly regarding compatibility with the old widget

Just so you won't worry, if you open files which only have the old
format present, a backup file will be saved (with extension
.old-format), so in case something goes horrible wrong, you will still
be able to go back to that file. Nothing should go that wrong, but you
never know... =)

Also bear in mind that if you save files with this version, you will
still be able to open them in older versions, but some of the new
features will be discarded (and you will see the full xml widget text
as part of the csd file...).

So, please let me know how you find this version and any bugs, issues,
suggestions you may have.

Oh, one more thing, the build system has also had a major overhaul,
which has impacted the packaging script on OS X. We've had varying
success with the current packages (they work fine for me, but they are
giving Joachim trouble...), so please report back if they work/don't
work for you.


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