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[Qutecsound-users] CsounQt new github repo and new website location

Tarmo Johannes



Andrés created yestaerday a organisation account at Github for CsoundQt, moved its webpage and sources.


The sources can be found at https://github.com/CsoundQt/CsoundQt

The old repo https://github.com/mantaraya36/CsoundQt redirects automatically to the new one, but if you have ever worked with the sources from CsoundQt git, please update your local repository configuration:

$ git remote set-url origin https://github.com/CsoundQt/CsoundQt


The web-page is moved to http://csoundqt.github.io/

The old one redirects automatically there.

You can improve the web-site, add news or edit content, please have a look for instructions at


There are many links at the webpage now (to csound and csoundqt sources, issues etc) that I will update very soon.

And f you have created or manage any wiki page or similar that mentions the old addresses of CsoundQt, please update them!

Link to the news (to share): http://csoundqt.github.io/csoundqt-in-github.html


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