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[Qutecsound-users] CsoundQt 0.9.3 release candidate

Tarmo Johannes



Although somewhat finished in haste, new version of CsoundQt is ready for testing

There are currently OSX binaries (if Michale gets time to prepare Windows ones, they will appear there as well).




Please test and let know if there are any problems.


I will make also video tutorials but here shortly - the main new features are:


- table editor, now only for GEN07 tables: View->Show Table editor


- Renewed conversion of CsoundQt windgets to Cabbage definitions so you can easily start your work in CsoundQt and prepare it for Cabbage or CabbageStudio

Edit->Insert/Update CabbageText



- qt based html support - perhaps the most important change in this release - in builds on all platforms, does not need CEF dependency and lets you to work

or run you csd files that you can use also in Csound for Android, Csound Node etc. You can also work with html files as written for pnacl or other web applications - so CsoundQt is with you whatever you need to prepare :)


We have been working hard with Michael Gogins to rewrite the code for html5 support based only on Qt libraries and make it happen. .


Well, it is basically ready but needs more work and testing so it will not be part of official installer yet but for people who want to try it out, there is now a OSX bundle



Or you can build it from the "qthtml" branch of CsoundQt sources:




There are two options to build it - with Qt up to version 5.5 you can use QtWebkit engine or from with versions from 5.6 up using QtWebEngine (this is available since Qt 5.4) - you need to set the option either


CONFIG += html_webkit


CONFIG += html_webengine


You can meet different problems, but all testing is very welcome!


Please give feedback in coming days, the Csound 6.08 release including this version will be preapared next week!






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