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[Qutecsound-users] CsoundQt 0.9.4 released

Tarmo Johannes-2

I am glad and proud to announce release of CsoundQt 0.9.4!

It will be distributed also with Csound 6.09 installers very soon but those who are curious you can download source code and OSX and Windows binaries from:

NB! For OSX there are two files - the final one does not work with older Csound versions than 6.09 well (due to changes in some libraries) -  please use the version built against Csound 6.08 on the same page if you have Csound 6.08 or older! (But it has one bug -  if there is no CsoundQt config file before, it crashes... )

NB! The Windows version is a zip file -  unpack it and run the CsoundQt-d-cs6.exe from there. DON'T OVERWERITE CsoundQt of your previous installation! It is built with msys2/mingw64 compiler and it conflicts with "official" installation if you mix them.

And of course -  Csound must be installed previously.

The highlights of this version are:

  • options are saved in runtime

  • different panels can go to full screen

  • Live Event Sheet windows system is more flexible

  • editor's background colour can be changed

  • "Add chn_k declaration" in widgets' cotext menu

  • Added support for jack midi

And several bug fixes

See release notes: https://github.com/CsoundQt/CsoundQt/blob/master/release_notes/Release%20notes%200.9.4.md

Happy using!


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