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[Qutecsound-users] CsoundQt on osx 10.11 - some notes and improvements

Tarmo Johannes



I could try and test building CsoundQt on OSX 10.11.3 and as I had already some experience with Joachim and answering to many e-mails, everything went smoothly and worked without problems. It was an almost empty machine (a virtual mac rented from http://www.xcodeclub.com/ - I can recommend! ) so there was no conflicts with older Qt versions, sound drivers or else that might create problems in "real" cases. But still.


I attach step-by-step description in hope that it can be helpful. I leaned mostly on Joachim's wiki - almost everything is told there already (I will add some lines there later)



Some notes and improvements (pushed to git, develop branch):


1) I finally understood the problem about detecting architecture in qcs-macx.pro - the thing was that QtCreator adds by default argument CONFIG+=x86_64 so everyone who built with QtCreator succeeded, who built from command line failed.

Now the sections is slightly rewritten so that x86_64 is default. If one wants to build for 32-bit architecture or do universal build (i386+ppc), one must specify: CONFIG+=i386 or CONFIG+=universal

So on OSX 10.11 you don't need to do add CONFIG+=x86_64 any more


People with older OSX versions - please test, if it did not break anything earlier versions!


2) Got rid of the "No relevant class found" error on OSX


3) Added a section to qcs.pro that adds Scripts (if built with pythonqt support) and Floss/McCurdy/Stria examples to the bundle so they will show up in the menu correctly.


Johannes, please have a look at your build srcipts, this part is probably not needed any more in the script.


But everyone on OSX - please pull from develop branch (this is actually default in Github, so you should be directed to that automatically), build and test - it is not hard!





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