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[Qutecsound-users] Development for CsoundQt 0.9.3

Tarmo Johannes

Dear CsoundQt users,


As Csound developers are planning release of Csound 6.08 around November 25, I will do my best to prepare also a new version of CsoundQt (although I am quite busy coming weeks...).


The most important enhancement is html5 support based on purely Qt libraries - ie no more dependency of CEF that makes it easier to build and available also on OSX and Linux. We are working on it with Michael and a working proof-of-concept is ready.


Other improvements:

- improved export of widgets into CabbageText (<Cabbage> tag) [almost done]

- table editor (at least for gen7 tables)

- perhaps initial widgets->html export (similar to CabbageText)

- perhaps conversion of CabbageText to CsoundQt Widgets (import of Cabbage files)


Please read the news in the list, build, test and report about problems/suggestions!


Thank you!


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