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Rory Walsh
Hi Andres. Following on from our discussion on the Csound list I
propose that we can simply work together if creating any reserved
channels so that some consistency can be kept between hosts. Here's
what I got so far (I removed Cabbage from the csd path channel)

CSD_PATH: This string channel will retrieve the full path to the
current csd file.
HOST_BPM: Retrieve the currents host bpm. This will be updated
whenever the host BPM changes.
IS_PLAYING: Pressing play on the host transport dialogue will cause
this channel to send a 1. Hitting stop will send a 0.
IS_RECORDING: As above only for monitoring the record status of a session.
TIME_IN_SECONDS: Return the current time in seconds from the start of the track.
HOST_PPQ_POS: Return the position of the start of the last bar, in

I'm also thinking of adding:

HOST_OS: returns the OS being used

I'm sure there are a few more that might be useful. There is a lot of
info hosts can provide that Csound currently cannot.

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