[Qutecsound-users] RunloopSound released on the iOS App Store!

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[Qutecsound-users] RunloopSound released on the iOS App Store!

Luis Felipe Vieira Damiani
Dear Csound community,

I am pleased to announce that RunloopSound, a Csound frontend for iOS devices, has been released on the App Store. RunloopSound supports most cloud providers, runs on iPads and iPhones alike, and features audio in, MIDI support, as well as syntax highlighting and line numbers.

RunloopSound was written in Swift using version 6.07 of the Csound for iOS SDK. I thank in particular Steven Yi, Victor Lazzarini, Aurelius Prochazka, Istvan Varga, Michael Gogins, and John ffitch for making this possible.

For more information and screenshots, please visitĀ http://vieira-damiani.com/software.html

To download the app, please seeĀ https://appsto.re/us/9GV8db.i

I hope you all enjoy using RunloopSound as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Luis F. Vieira Damiani

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