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[Qutecsound-users] problems with stk opcodes - hopefully solved

Tarmo Johannes

Well, I have been very slow understanding the stk plugins problem... But I think I wrote now a kind  satisfactory work-around (mostly based on ideas of Joachim)

It was not an Ubuntu/debian specific situation but the crashes happened when  libstkops.so was installed but RAWWAVE_PATH was not set (like when using ubuntu Csound installer. Maybe this should take care of setting the environment variable somehow?) -  talking about Linux

The real problem is probalbly somewhere in Csound code that in some point gets NULL as the value of the raw_wave path and does not continue from that point on (the "basic_string::_S_construct null not valid") . I don't know where it happens exactly yet.

But the good thing is that I added now a bit of code to CsoundQt that checks for the RAWWAVE_PATH if libstkops.so is amoing csound plugins.
If it is not set, it tries first to find the raw wave files from /usr/share/stk/rawwaves/
if success, it sets necessary environment variable and everything should be OK: If not found, displays a warning dialog to notify about possible problem.

Now committed to the develop branch.

Please try out, if it works for you!

If in some Linux system the rawwaves are isntalled by default to some other folder than /usr/share/stk/rawwaves/ please let me know! It is easy to add to the search path in the code.


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