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[Qutecsound-users] use QtDesigner for building UIs in your CsoundQt project

Tarmo Johannes



I finally wrote a short wiki article about using QtDesigner for building GUIs later used in CsoundQt (with PythonQt).




Sometimes it is necessary to have more and different widgets or more complex layouts than CsoundQt offers by itself. It is relatively easy to build very extended UIs with QtDesigner, convert it into python code and with some modifications use it with PythonQt eihter within a csd or as a separate py script running in CsoundQt.


For example, some people have missed ability to use multitab widget layouts that is not possible in CsoundQt yet. Well, create then your own!


I will demonstrate using QtDesinger also in Graz together with Joachim. If you have questions or suggestions so far, they are very welcome!


I also plan to write also a small script that would automate some steps of this process and will make importing the ui to CsoundQt even easier.





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