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Tarmo Johannes

I guess you are using CsoundQt 0,8 with csound6?

If you have jack running, started from example with qjackctl and you press to
input and output selction buttons in CsoundQt->Configure->Run

you should see the possible ports and can choose your input/output

So you can connect to physical oputputs but also to any running jack client.

If that does not work, you can enter manually
for input: adc:system:capture_
and output: dac:system:playback_

To my experience, in linux jack works better and with smaller latency than
alsa (especially with real-time kernel), so it is definitely worth to try!


On Monday 23 September 2013 13:23:48 you wrote:

> hi tarmo -
> i am doing now my first steps with jack and csoundqt on linux ... -- i
> got it running so far, but perhaps you can help me with this: currently
> i have to run the csd file, and then manually connect in the qjackctl
> panel (i attached a screenshot).
> is there a way to bring it to this: that i start any csd and get input
> and output automatically connected to the system input and output?
> thanks and best regards -
> joachim

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